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See exactly where you rank in Google with a FREE on-site SEO analysis. Try our bespoke SEO services that help build an online presence through organic search engine rankings. In this digital environment, Google search results are everything. Please work with us to define a marketing strategy that will see SEO results to help your business.

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Best Quality

High-quality SEO campaigns do not come cheap. Our high-quality campaigns is a great fit for small SME’s top blue-chip companies. We help to put you in front of your target market with our approach to SEO which comes with years of experience. Search engine optimisation, social media enhancement, high-quality content creation and a sound digital marketing strategy is our mandate from day one. We will hit your target market and achieve search engine results.

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Free Analysis

Our in-house SEO Canberra specialists will conduct a thorough case study into your online presence and that of your competitors. We will analyse what website traffic your business and theirs are achieving. The case study after our initial consultation will include detailed information on keyword research, link building and how optimised your web design currently is for the SERPs.

We will study what improvements need to be made to your local SEO as this is now of utmost importance around the world and another thing search engine rankings depend on. A detailed look at the effectiveness of your social media platforms must be conducted as they are now key to organic link building that the search engines now heavily favour. We have an in-house web design team that will look at what tweaks need to be also made to fall in-line with what the search engines want from you to increase your results.

Search engine marketing and link building results take time, but this is all part of today's digital marketing world that is becoming more competitive. Never before have people used the internet in this kind of volume we see today, and it will only increase as business owners now adopt different ways of operating. A Search engine is now peoples best friend. E-Commerce is growing exponentially hitting new heights, using local SEO to get goods and services to their door. People are travelling less, so search engines are their go-to option for many things they never used before.

If you need to be on page 1 of Google, then you need a clear SEO campaign strategy implemented by a company with years of experience in the field. The best SEO is a long term, high-quality SEO strategy. Now Google rates organic traffic as it's number 1, our SEO team will make a clear path of how we achieve these results together and increase your online presence.


Our well devised SEO packages can cater for any business whether you are small or big. They are devised in a way to ensure you remain ahead of your competition. And just remember, if you are not happy with our services, we work for free until you are. When you choose to work with us, you are working with the most experienced Canberra SEO specialists with many years of experience.

Take Google's algorithm. Now it scours web pages for high-quality content, where years ago it looked for high-quality imagery. To drive website traffic your way, we must match quality content creation with solid social media marketing, website optimisation, local SEO strategy, keyword research and specific SEO techniques to achieve premium results.

We are a digital marketing agency that works hard for our clients and do not believe in tying you into long term lock-in contracts. However, for the best SEO results, link building and organic traffic are achieved over the long term. There are no quick fixes anymore, be careful of any company who says there are.

We have to analyse your competition and conduct keyword research that will drive people to your services and products that are relevant to you. If however, you are a start-up or an SME, you will be coming up against unprecedented competition next year against more established companies with bigger marketing budgets. How do you get around this? Well, we will look at alternative keywords that have an average monthly search volume of between 10-1000 Google search volume our SEO agency make sure we do not start until we are sure you will succeed.

Once you are looking at search terms that exceed 1000, you are going up against the big boys who have deeper pockets than you, and it will take too long and cost too much to usurp them. So, we start with achievable goals let our SEO experts take a good look at the best way for your business to succeed. We understand what business owners are going through, these are testing times but our SEO firm is here to guide you through difficult times and help you succeed. Keywords that we can get on page 1 of Google in a reasonable period of time. At SEO Canberra in our initial consultation with you, we will get to understand your goals, timeframes and budget. We are one of the few SEO Canberra experts who conduct thorough consultations followed by deep case studies before offering to take a project on. We are honest with our clients of what we feel are achievable goals and what are not. This is the way to start a business relationship in our minds. we initially conduct our Canberra SEO specialists

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Your Trusted SEO Consultants in Canberra

At SEO Company Canberra, we have built our reputation by not placing any of our clients into a pre-built strategy. Every SEO campaign is different regardless of whether you are in the same town, city, or industry as in previous case studies.

Our priority lies in understanding you and your business. Each SEO consultant at SEO Company Canberra has combined decades of experience across many industries and facets of SEO ranking factors.

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We deliver actual results with no outsourcing. As our relationship grows, we take a proactive approach in helping to educate our clientele. Understanding how the SEO landscape is changing can help companies make other decisions to help grow their business. While fully understanding where their investment is being spent.


We want our clients to feel free; you are not tied in if your situation changes


Your bottom line is what we work towards


Keeping you informed at all times


A dedicated SEO consultant is always on hand


You receive a fully transparent weekly report detailing every piece of work conducted

What Our Clients Say?

Whereas the past SEO companies have come and gone, SEO Canberra have turned out to be our long term business partner in marketing

The crew at SEO Canberra said SEO was easy!

Growing SEO Agency

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When you choose to work with SEO Company Canberra, rest assured that none of your work is outsourced overseas. All work is conducted in-house.


With a sizeable budget, our Canberra SEO specialists will show you big leaps and movements in your keyword positioning week upon week. High-quality SEO campaigns do take time, and we understand time isn’t exactly on our hands either when you are working with us. That’s why we will set ourselves a timeline to give you proper expectations from the minute you work with us.

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Affordable SEO Company for Every Marketing Budget

As an established SEO agency operating in the heart of Canberra, we know how difficult it is to get your brand or business name out there. Your industry could be saturated, and many digital marketing agencies charge you a fortune. Our SEO Canberra services concentrate on the frequent algorithm updates that make SEO Canberra more challenging. Therefore, choosing the right SEO company is a game-changer.

There are many competent SEO companies in Australia and elsewhere around the world, and we pride ourselves on being one of them. Our SEO Canberra services go the extra mile for our clients, giving them the option to select a package that suits their budget.

Our ample experience as an SEO agency and search engine optimisation is demonstrated by our extensive list of successful campaigns. We know what needs to be done and how it needs to be done at prices that are not heavy on the pocket. For a clear idea of possible costs, we encourage you to call our customer service hotline or get in touch with us for a FREE QUOTE.

Data-Driven Search Engine Marketing

Our SEO services can be tailored to match your specific business needs. Just let us know what you want for your website, and we will make it happen. We are the kind of SEO company that allows clients to be involved in the process, so you will be able to track your progress and understand the direction your SEO campaign is going.

Equipped with the latest digital marketing techniques and strategies, our SEO Company in Canberra offers advanced web solutions. All the strategies we undertake are based on solid, verifiable data. We use genuine statistics from authoritative web tools to leverage your business and put you on the map. More than just pulling up your rankings on major search engines, we help you acquire actual leads and potential customers while opening expansion opportunities.

Note that each campaign is different and the solutions we offer are customised to ensure maximum results.

Ethical White Hat SEO

Over the years, search engine optimisation has become a highly competitive industry. While it has only grown from strength to strength, some SEO companies adopt Black Hat techniques to outwit algorithms and move ahead in the competition. Black Hat SEO uses forbidden strategies that may drastically improve your rankings for a short time but will eventually result in long-term penalties.

But this is not how we do things at SEO Company Canberra.

Our priority is our clients. We adopt White Hat SEO techniques and run our campaigns without circumventing algorithms, focusing only on user experience (UX), organic traffic, and lead conversion. By understanding your potential customer's and what they value, we do our best to transform your website into one that addresses the needs of your users.

Find SEO Companies Near Me

The elusive question for several businesses is where to find the right SEO agency. This question can be tricky since SEO costs and package coverage vary depending on many factors. Different locations, for example, will have different concepts of “affordable.” What may be affordable to a business in Canberra may not be affordable to other businesses in other parts of Australia.

It would be best if you also considered important factors like your niche or industry and the demographics you are targeting. Does your business operate locally? Do you have an international clientele? In other words, the size, scope and nature of your business can also affect the size, scope and nature of your SEO campaign. Our SEO agency is here to.

Whatever is your case, find an SEO company that understands your needs, is willing to meet you half-way and can give your business competitive edge over competitors.


We’d love to hear from you. Call us on 02 8488 0932 or send an online FREE QUOTE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have experienced many questions from potential and existing clients. An FAQ page allows us to share these with you and ensure you get the right answers. Google is an ever-evolving business, and search engine optimisation has never been more critical than it is today. We hope this page explains our SEO agency and we are also available online to answer anything you need. Your Canberra SEO is just a click away.

So digital marketing, what is it?

Digital marketing has evolved in recent years, the focus now being on tablets and smartphones and moving away from desktops and laptops, although not entirely yet.

Traditional marketing is quickly becoming a thing of the past such as TV, film and print. Now the power of social media and apps, blogs and websites are becoming a dominant force. Unbeknown to you, you are already using them, it's only now you weigh up what you use the most. Search engine optimisation is quickly becoming a marketing powerhouse, the likes of which we have never seen before in business.

How can my company prosper from digital marketing?

You don't have to replace traditional marketing overnight completely. However, digital marketing is now the powerhouse you need to take your marketing to the next level. Once you are relevant to the search engine, your business will prosper.

Your business needs to become visible, and the way you get noticed today is through being on the first page of Google. Never before has the internet been used more, and with ideologies changing about online communication, you need the right advice on how to maximise your online presence. The first page of Google gets a huge percentage of the business today.

So, what do you to to make my business more successful?

We start by assessing your business. Based upon your competition within your field, we put together a social media marketing strategy to help your business flourish. Our SEO strategies get results.

If you are a start-up or an SME, we will take a different approach to what would implement for a large corporation. We take everyone on their own merit, conduct our research into your industry and evaluate your competition. Once that is complete, we instigate SEO strategies that are within your budget.

If you are a small business and we feel your budget is not adequate to take your competitors on head-to-head at this moment in time, we will tell you so.

Digital marketing is not about making false promises, honesty gains you long-term clients, and you pick your battles. Suppose we look to take on a global household name who have spent millions of dollars for years on cementing themselves at the top of the search engines. That spells trouble! We would ensure to advise you against that and find another search term that we could optimise that would bring customers your way.

Our reputation as the best SEO company in Canberra is one we are proud of. We build organic traffic over the long-term, but if you want short-term results, we help implement local SEO and pay per click if we feel it's best while building your backlinks up.

It's all about EVALUATION.

What is SEO, and what does an SEO agency do?

In essence, SEO is a culmination of on-page and off-page marketing tactics designed for people searching online to find you before anyone else for your products or services.

At SEO Canberra, we work to gain you a search engine optimisation advantage in this respect and rank you higher.

Blogs are now a prime example as Google now favours blogs that contain over 1000 words. If you don't know that, then speak to us, and we will explain what goes into an SEO campaign. Content marketing is now essential to Google. They want customers to get accurate information, so we work closely with you to advise on what premium content marketing is needed to push you higher.

Pay per click can only get you so far, so we focus on other areas to get SEO results. We highly recommend a focus on organic search results as an organic search stands the test of time. Once we get you to page 1 with our SEO strategy, we look to keep you there.

We have years of experience of creating organic traffic through local SEO, Canberra SEO and fundamentals for all of Australia. This has led to our Canberra SEO services being a powerhouse in our field. Our SEO team can help a small business, a corporation and everything in between. We are SEO experts.

Keywords, what are they?

Keywords are self-explanatory; they are KEYWORDS.

These are what the algorithms spot when a person enters a search term on the internet and build organic traffic to your business.

When looking for images, videos, blogs and pages, we look to strategically advise you what we think would be your best path to get noticed.

Updating my website, how often do I do it?

Updating your website is a must!

Stagnant websites are the equivalent of an online brochure. Fresh and engaging content is everything today in online marketing. You certainly won't get on the first page without it.

Today's successful websites are regularly updated, and here at SEO Canberra, we will evaluate what upgrades you need to work alongside our keyword strategy. To sing to the tune of the search engine images need to be also updated. As your digital marketing agency, we will advise what we can do and where you can help us to maximise your website and get the best out of it. Organic traffic needs to convert, and we will point you in the right direction.

With years of experience with Google, our SEO Canberra experts know quickly what we can do to push you onwards and upwards.

Blogs – Do I need one?

Blogs are becoming increasingly influential and a vital link in the chain of building backlinks which are essential to your search engine rankings.

Marketers will tell you that blogging today is paying dividends. Keeping information flowing, relevant and engaging keeps people following and most importantly, recommending you to others. In-turn this builds backlinks and the search engine like you even more.

No need to hide trade secrets anymore, let people know how your services and products benefit them. Make them laugh, engage with them, and your online presence will grow.

We can show you how to start a blog and write for you if you eventually want to do it yourself….GO FOR IT. Just be relevant with your potential customers, and you are on a winning path.

What is the best strategy for posting blogs and social media posts?

On social media platforms such as Facebook, look to post daily, certainly not less than three a week. This is where you understand the number of hours that needs to go into getting to the top and engaging and spreading your story.

It's a dog eat dog world online today, and you must keep up.

Instagram even more, we advise daily or even twice.

LinkedIn around twice a week.

Twitter is varied, but a bare minimum of 3 a day.

Your best way to blog is to think about a weekly one. Monthly blogs are now easily overlooked. People online want engagement, especially if they are at home. It would be best if you considered the fact that someone else is only a click away.

A weekly blog, in our opinion, as a digital marketing agency, helps keep people engaged, there's no need to overdo it, but under doing it is definitely not a good thing. You want followers and followers that recommend you to others; this is how your fans base and backlinks grow. In the end, organic SEO is your friend built from click on your blog. In reality, there is no magic number with a blog. You'll know soon enough based upon followers if you are getting it right but keep at it, don't be shy of getting some engaging content out there.

Always bear in mind when publishing any content – it's about quality, not quantity.

Write about your industry and your products.

People today like honesty, if there's something good or bad, write about it. The world has gone through an uncertain time so people will follow someone whom they relate to and spread your story.

Then don't be afraid of special offers, discounts, and loyalty cards. People are looking to find reliability in many products today.

Inbound marketing – what does it mean?

Inbound and Outbound could they be any different?

Here's a brief explanation.

Inbound marketing is the term that attracts customers through creative content that acts as an attraction and brings them to you. Having the right content marketing in place is vital for your SEO strategy. Our SEO services focus on ensuring inbound leads. Google is complicated, but as an SEO expert, we will get you there.

Outbound marketing is more of a disrupter to an audience they weren't necessarily looking for, but none the less you introduce it. A prime example would be TV advert in the middle of a football game with no actual idea if the person on the sofa or chair actually requires this service or product.

The fact you are reading FAQ's goes a long way to you understanding the difference. Our Canberra SEO services focus on organic traffic and inbound lead generation results.

What social media platforms are best to use?

Social media is a case of looking at the most active platforms. So, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and then LinkedIn are the most currently used and specifically in that order.

Does email marketing still work?

Absolutely! Never fall into the trap of focusing on one area of marketing. Social media is the buzz word around the world but to think it's everything is a mistake. You can't get to the top today just going down one path. Digital marketing, in general, is a yellow brick road we look to get you moving in a straight line down each of them.

Email marketing can feel more personal to a potential customer and with people checking their email account multiple times a day its still a good idea. People access emails daily through their laptop, mobile or tablet so, email marketing is far from dead, you need to do it right, and at the right time.

Search engine optimisation is our goal, but we don't put all our eggs in one basket.

Email lists – are they worth buying?

We honestly recommend against this.

Today it's almost bordering on SPAM. We wholeheartedly recommend growing leads organically and explore local SEO. If you allow us to help with call-to-action buttons and subscriptions, you will end up with a better reputation. Subsequently, you will build organic backlinks; it is the way the internet is heading. Start as you mean to continue, the digital world is ever-changing, and we are here to guide you towards where it is headed.

There are no viable short-cuts with the internet, that's why SEO services are so important.

Anyone company that tells you otherwise be careful. We have a dedicated team for SEO Canberra. They keep abreast of how the search engines are changing to keep you up-to-date on the best possible solutions and actions to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Contact us today as we will give you and your business a thorough and truthful assessment of where we feel your budget can take you in the short and long-term.

Need affordable SEO services in Canberra?

Don't wait, get in touch!

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