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Local Visibility is Everyone's Gain

Local SEO services are geared towards gaining you exposure and notoriety in your local area. With many business owners focusing on countrywide and international sales, it's easy to miss the golden opportunity that is just around the corner.

Local SEO Services - The Benefits

SEO Company Canberra are your local SEO agency. We combine our premium SEO services with specialised local SEO strategies to deliver local visibility across many platforms for our customers.

If you have been online recently and seen predictive text and searched, you may have noticed 'near me' appears. Since the global pandemic 'near me, searches have doubled, and we think a trend has been established that will continue.

People worldwide have awoken to how valuable local businesses are and are keen to help businesses that have survived or started during the pandemic. Not in recent memory have internet users looked for so many localised services, and we are here to show you how to turn that to your advantage. Statistics show that over 70% of consumers who searched then visited a local business within five kilometres.

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Easy to track

Local SEO services are an easy trackable strategy with us. You are fully informed of where you are at with this side of your campaign at all times.

We use the industry's premium analytical tools. We provide real-time and monthly reports for our customers to show them exactly where they are regarding exposure and visibility within their local community.

Increased website traffic using GBP

Gaining visibility on the SERP's will inevitably lead to more website engagement. We set up a Google Business Page profile previously known as 'Google My Business' page. Together, users see great reviews and ratings with easy access to the website.

We will ensure the website helps convert users into leads or buyers in conjunction with our complete packages.

Increased physical traffic

Depending on the service or products you provide, local SEO will increase the volume of people visiting your store.

For a business owner in hospitality, a 'restaurant near me' search on page 1 of Google will make a massive difference to your Return on Investment (ROI).

Getting ahead of the competition

When we set up your Google Business Page profile, we also get a map pack for Google. If your competitors haven't claimed theirs, this is a faster way to get ahead of the competition.

Custom local SEO

With all our years of experience, we understand that every business is different. Our SEO strategy services are tailored to different audiences, with different goals and different budgets.

When we complete our assessment with you, we then work closely to offer bespoke SEO services to optimise your local SEO.

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Keyword Research

Once we have completed our research we start to target local keywords. Adding your area or state name at the front end of your offer helps your local rankings.

These examples use the location keyword while describing the business:

Working closely with you, we can both agree on what we think will gain the quickest amount of exposure to gain leads and sales fast.

Combining locally-optimised keywords, photos, and alternative multimedia is the key to success.

On-page SEO
Local SEO

As part of our SEO package, we also pay close attention to your website to ensure everything works together as part of a campaign.

In essence, both on-page and off-page SEO are subcategories to our primary strategy to hit targets and expectations.

Here are a few examples of what we focus on to increase our customer local SEO rankings:


Already mentioned above, ensuring you have essential, relevant keywords placed on your site pages will optimise your results.

Engaging Content

Content is king' is commonly used in SEO. Google now ranks on content and its level of engagement with its users. Using SEO best practices, we will ensure your content is up-to-date, engaging, and relevant to your target search terms.

Content Updates

Getting to the top of Google is one thing; staying there is another. One sure way of maintaining rankings is to update fresh content, and coupling this with a busy blog will help get you and keep you where you want to be.

Ongoing Monthly Reports

The name of the game is to increase your local visibility and support you with the best analytics on the market. We also provide you with an in-depth detailed monthly report.

The report will show you the vast number of ways our SEO services build your online presence.

Designated Account Manager

Throughout our local SEO services, you will have a designated account manager who is assigned to you.

This has helped many of our clients create a bond and trust over the years. To have the peace of mind to know you always have someone who knows your business inside out available and on hand to discuss your campaign and describe our reports is priceless.

Our clients know exactly where their money is spent and can see the results.

SEO Company Canberra is here to help you achieve your marketing goals and sales targets. We research your business, industry, competition and objectives to put in place the best local SEO strategy to make you a household name in your area.

Remember, we have worked closely with our customers for years. We are not just a digital marketing company. We become the marketing arm of your business and work with you to boost your business using our custom SEO services.

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