Innovation & Cutting Edge Technology

Innovation & Cutting Edge Technology

What makes us, the leading SEO company in Canberra the leader in this city?

The answer is straight up innovation. We’ve got our priorities right. The technical team at the SEO company Canberra is committed to delivering results in the right way for all of our clients. Because we understand that decent results on Google equals referrals and more business for us. So we stand committed to the online success for our clients.

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Rank Report

Our frequent updates allows you as a customer to see your ranking reports on a daily basis. What better way to show you all the hard work that we have been putting in on your SEO campaign, than giving you access to all the reports all in one go – whenever you want to see it. Want to see more analytical data? Take advantage of our in-house software which allows you to see all visitor mouse clicks and navigation throughout your website. This allows you to make an informed decision into a possible web revamp to take advantage of missed opportunities.

Local Citations And Business Listings

Our SEO strategies allows us to create an online profile in your area, build him/her up as a reputable character, one which contributes regularly to writeups and reviews around your location and eventually write articles and posts it on websites with a backlink to your website. This is done in conjunction with creating local citations and optimising it so that each citation and business listing has the right photos and content to capture the attention of your audience.

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Forget trying to learn everything about Google Analytics. There’s too much data to be observed and to be honest, it’ll probably take you a good year to figure out what all the data means inside your Analytics account. We’ve therefore made this process a lot simpler for you. Our extensive Google Analytics reports will analyse all the raw data and provide all the essential information to you – therefore, you won’t be left feeling confused over all the data that is there.


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