Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media and Digital Ads

Video Marketing Strategies for Social Media and Digital Ads

Wednesday, 09 March 2022 | 5 minutes read

86% of businesses in 2021 cited the same favoured marketing strategy. Can you guess what that was?

That's right! It was video marketing. Few companies ignore the power this medium has to offer, and it's something your business must seriously consider if you intend to spend money on ads soon. But with so many businesses trying their hand at video, you'll need something special to help you stand out from the competition. To help you, we've put together this guide on the best video marketing strategies for social media and digital advertising.

Tell a Story

Did you know it's easier for the human brain to recall information when it's constructed as a story instead of exchanged as a series of facts? Our expert marketing team knows this, and top Melbourne advertisers know this too. That's why storytelling in your video marketing strategy is big business. So how about plugging into your creative side and trying your hand at a story? Keep it simple and engaging and make it fun. 

You might be thinking: Hey, I'm not a writer. Isn't this a bit much? But the answer is no! Simply think about your product from one person's perspective. That's your protagonist! Write a beginning, middle and end, and make your product the star hero in your tale. Perhaps you could begin by talking about a problem the protagonist experienced in their life and how your product solved it.

Go Behind the Scenes

Our agency finds two common reasons behind-the-scenes videos do well on social media. First, behind-the-scenes videos are highly engaging. Don't you love to take a sneak peek into the homes of celebrities on TV? Well, this uses the same principle. People love to see how a company created its product. These sorts of videos are always fantastic for showing your human side. Because let's face it. Even the top brands can come across as a little impersonal. You've got the power to create a personal connection with your audience. Put a face to that brand and share stuff that doesn't normally make it onto your website or social media feed. It's also a fun way to introduce your hard-working employees to your customers. People will see the passion, ingenuity and dedication at the heart of your company. You can throw away that standard, dry marketing slogan.

Try Customer Testimonials

No sales page is complete without reviews and testimonials. Likewise, no social media advertising is adequate unless you prove everything you claim about your product or service. Persuade a recent customer to provide a testimonial for your social video marketing. Does that sound too difficult? Simply provide an incentive to them in exchange for their time. 
The best video testimonials are spoken directly to the camera. Working with an agency like ours is the best way to ensure you create a professional video production that looks the part. Ideally, a customer shares their story and their positive experience. They should mention some of their early reservations about buying your product (which helps you address your audience's doubts when viewing the ad).

Pay Influencers to Test Your Product

A relatively new startup might not have a video testimonial to use in a social media ad. However, if your business is still in the startup phase, you might want to try a fantastic alternative strategy. Hire social media influencers in Sydney to test and review your products. People love to try new things. Ask them to produce a video testimonial where they can rave about how great you are. Technically speaking, this strategy is known as "influencer marketing". It's a hugely popular and trendy form of online marketing.

Social media influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers have the power to turn a product into an overnight success by featuring it on their social media channels. You will pay a fee for this type of promotion from an influencer. Still, that fee could place your product in front of thousands of potential customers. Influencers are naturally skilled at creating top-quality social media content. That means you will be able to run a video ad that is almost guaranteed to be highly engaging and powerful.

Create Super-Short Videos

You don't need lengthy videos to impact a social media audience. Short, snappy videos are equally effective, providing you get the production right. Our secret key to producing an excellent short video marketing campaign in Perth is one simple, straightforward and compelling message that you can communicate quickly. For example, let's say you have an upcoming promotion (such as Black Friday). You could try a quick video to let your audience know what you are offering (40% off all product lines this Friday!). Choose bold colours, fonts, images and graphics when running video content marketing. That way, your content is more likely to stand out on someone's feed as they scroll past.

Create a Helpful How-To Guide

If you've spent any amount of time following craft accounts online, you'll know the power of a fun how-to video. These fast-motion videos show a before and after transformation or a quick how-to guide. This approach works wonders for the right product in a social media ad campaign. And if you're struggling to think of ideas, we can work with your team to produce something engaging for your audience. The best part of how-to videos is that you'll get a high percentage of people watching the video through to the end. That will improve your ad performance score and ultimately lower your ad costs and improve your ad conversion.

Get inspired by looking at popular how-to videos on places like TikTok or Instagram Reels. If you aren't sure how to turn your product into this type of video, think about how your product gets used in everyday life. Try a simple video showing your product in action in various settings. That may be enough to engage your audience. Contact our agency, and we can work with you to get the high-quality ad finish you need.

Boost a Current Video

One of the easiest ways to try video marketing for business is to select an existing video that has already performed well on your social media account. Logically, a video that your audience enjoyed also stands a great chance of doing well on a paid ad. This approach is also quick to do. You won't need to spend time or money creating your ad. Simple add the video to your ad account and promote it to a lookalike audience. A lookalike audience is people with a similar profile to your followers. They have the same content preferences and are most likely to watch your ad and enjoy it.

If all that sounds unfamiliar, don't worry. Our expert advertisers are on hand to get your campaign set up for you.

Video Marketing Strategies to Get You Results

Are you ready to give video marketing a try in 2022? Take action right away by getting a quote from our team. Tell us your business goals, and we will show you how we can help produce creative social media video content. We can help your business create the advertising it needs to succeed. 


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