Why Is SEO Split Testing Important for SEO Success?

Why Is SEO Split Testing Important for SEO Success?

Considering that there are over 1.5 billion websites out there, it's hard to stand out in this sea of competition. You know about SEO, but you dream of taking it to the next level to get to those conversions you've always dreamt about.

One problem, how do you get there? The good news is that SEO split testing could be what you're looking for! Read this guide and find out why I recommend SEO split testing and how it could lead to an increase in conversions.

What Is SEO Split Testing?

No matter if you're in Canberra, Australia, or across the globe, I recommend SEO split testing. It's similar to A/B testing since you're using similar pages on your site and performing a test.

I recommend that you only create a slight difference in SEO to see when the pages convert best.

In split testing, you have multiple pages that include the control and test page. The control page is unchanged from the original. The test page has the changes.

Both need to be available through search engines. At the end of the day, it helps you see which page performs better when it comes to your ranking in SEO. Through better rankings, you could see a potential uptick in viewers.

Why Google Optimise With Split Testing?

Every company will have its own unique success; what works for one company might not work for another. It's not black and white, that's why split testing is so exciting!

It allows you the opportunity to see what works with your audience and what doesn't. Think about when you set up a campaign, you think about branding, marketing, your target audience, etc. It's just adding 1 additional step.

Some other great reasons include:

Keyword Success

Try out different keywords, and see which performs best on the pages of your site. Keywords just like any other testing are trial and error.

Consider using branded keywords for an added benefit. These are keywords with your brand's name in them.

Page Content

Another option for split testing that I recommend is making some tweaks to the content. Take a serious look at your content, is it engaging?

Along with content, make it fun by adding videos, images, and links. Try out different images as well to see what page style converts better.

I recommend split testing because it makes you dig deep and focus on the content found on your website and make the changes as necessary.

Higher Conversions

When you run multiple tests, it allows you to see which page performs better overall. I love how my audience will land on multiple pages that are similar, and this will let me know which has higher rankings.

Once this occurs, I can decide whether or not to cut the lower-performing page. Split testing also lets you test out the design, content format, and overall navigation.

As you test out the title, keywords, and content, you'll be able to see what works best and increase your traffic. I've noticed a jump in my conversions when I choose to use split testing instead of skipping this step.

Test Titles

Many use SEO testing to see how titles convert. I might have a few titles to choose from and can't decide which to choose.

Even if I can decide on the one I like the most, at the end of the day, it should be my target audience's choice. It's interesting to see what they pick based on which has a higher click-through rate. Remember that a catchy headline is what draws in more of your audience!


Through testing different pages, I am able to see what performs better, instead of what I feel will perform better. Testing allows me to not waste my time chasing an SEO idea that doesn't convert.

Instead of placing all of my time and resources into one idea, I can figure out which page will be the most promising overall.

I continue to test and don't do SEO split-testing one time since it's effective and helpful. It's great for long-term success since your strategies need to change with time.

Avoid Bad Changes

When you perform split testing, you can see if a new idea is performing well or not. If it's not, I like how I can delete the test and go back to my control page.

Deciding if Split Testing Is Right for You

If you get a good amount of traffic now and are looking to increase this, then split testing is a great option! You can even consider SEO services in Canberra for more help and success in the future with SEO. There's less risk involved when you hire SEO professionals.

Understanding the Importance of SEO Split Testing

After exploring this guide, I hope that you're ready to take your SEO split testing to a new level! Take your time seeing what pages perform best and raise your ranking with SEO.

Remember to continually test in order to see what works and what doesn't and switch it up! Are you dreaming of improving your ranking in SEO but aren't sure where to begin?

We can help! Contact us today, and we'll create an action plan specific to your needs. Remember that you need a plan that's specific to the goals and needs of your company and we can help with that!


Arthur Choi

Arthur Choi

SEO Strategist

70% technical SEO, 30% offsite optimisation. Loves to strategise and build organic SEO campaigns for plumbers, excavators and e-commerce clients.


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