SEO & Core Algorithms: Everything You Need to Know

SEO & Core Algorithms: Everything You Need to Know

Saturday, 09 April 2022 | 5 minutes read

Want to rise to the top of Google Search and you're willing to take a shortcut to get there? Be warned! Google now updates its core algorithm on a regular basis. And cheaters may see their sites slip into oblivion. Google's goal is to stop spam and ensure everyone follows its SEO content guidelines.

Constant revisions to SEO & core algorithms match the search engine giant's goal of weeding out poor results. But how does that affect your small business in Canberra and your online traffic?

This article explains how to optimise your website to always fit Google's expectations. Discover the core SEO strategy that you need to implement to boost your visitor count. See how previous Google updates have changed the SERPs landscape. And what SEO plans are afoot for the future. Read on to learn how a local SEO marketing team of experts can help you realise your goals no matter what happens.

Google Search Secret Sauce

Have you ever wondered how Google Search works? You enter a search phrase, or keyword, as the SEO industry calls it, then tap the search button. Milliseconds later and Google produces thousands of results with the top ten showing the most relevant answers. To be perfectly honest, nobody knows the "secret sauce" to Google's magic. But sometimes the company pulls back the curtain a little for us to peek inside.

Core Algorithms
An algorithm is simply a list of rules that a computer follows to solve a problem. In the case of Google Search, the issue lies with what websites should appear first for a keyword.

There are several Core or fundamental algorithms that drive Google Search. These form the backbone of the system. Tweaking them can affect search engine results pages (SERPs) more than a minor update would do. Website owners have discovered that when Google makes a core change, then SERPs tend to go a little haywire!

A Brief History of Google Core Updates

Google likes to keep everyone in the dark to an extent when it comes to the holy grail of reaching spot #1. The company wants everyone to have a chance to rise up the rankings. It rewards unique content that will engage its users. To help achieve that goal, it has implemented several broad core algorithm updates over the years including:

  • 2011 - Panda update to add a quality score to web pages
  • 2012 - Penguin update to tackle spammy links
  • 2013 - Hummingbird update to reduce keyword stuffing
  • 2015 - Mobile update to reward mobile-friendly sites

Since 2017, Google has dispensed with specific names for its updates. It lumps everything together into 'Core'. Yet, if you're thinking that a big update comes roughly once per year, then consider the state of SEO in 2022. The average time between these broader updates is now 130 days. And those algorithm edits can reach thousands of changes in one update.

SEO & Core Algorithms in 2022

According to Google developers, Google Search releases new changes every day. Most of these edits aren't immediately noticeable. However, major updates, like last year's Core Web Vitals implementation, can impact your page rankings. The truth is that Google always tweaks things. It also releases new search marketing products. For example, the Google My Business profile now integrates with local searches across its platform.

How Do These Updates Affect My Online Business?

Many small business owners fret if they see their pages dive from page two to page ten. That's understandable, but Google says not to worry too much. Updates never target a specific website, so they aren't signaling yours out. Things may even rectify themselves as new updates get released.

The most important thing is to follow the golden SEO rule. Tell me what that is, I hear you say! It's really quite simple. Follow Google's guidelines and in time you will be rewarded.

Quality and Trust

When you search for a local company in Canberra, how do you know which retailer to buy from?

Google's reputation is built on trust. You know that the top results fit your query, more often than not. That's why Google beats Bing, Yahoo, and everyone else. The company takes its reputation very seriously and will only promote pages it believes deliver what they say. The original Page Rank system helped to determine a quality website. Factors included no spam, gaining links from reputable websites, and delivering engaging content. Creating and updating a great website experience is why many businesses hire SEO experts like SEO Canberra.

What Happens if My Site Disappears?

It's sad to say, but some companies use crooked means to try and boost their rankings. Link farms, keyword stuffing, and other techniques sometimes work in the short term. Then along comes Google with an update and whoosh! They disappear from the SERPs. If your website has fallen victim to an SEO scam, don't panic.

The good news is that you can salvage your search position through a viable SEO strategy. As Google constantly checks your pages' content, it recognises the changes you make. New and interesting blog articles can help as long as they aren't full of spam. Quality backlinks from related sites can give you that boost to return to the first page. But what are the key SEO points to consider that will work regardless of any minor or core algorithm updates?

Key SEO Points to Consider

Creating a killer SEO strategy in 2002 must take into account these key areas:

  • Create a mobile-friendly and responsive site
  • Add engaging content on a continual basis
  • Provide fast loading web pages
  • Create content pillar pages for better internal links

If some of these terms sound technical, then that's because they are. Although you can make some improvements to your ranking position yourself, it's better to hire an expert. Someone who knows how to attract the right customer, yet is local and sensitive to your needs.

Your Local Canberran SEO Marketing Experts

SEO & Core Algorithms, SEO strategy, algorithm updates — still sound confusing? Google wants to provide its users with the best possible search results. It adds new updates daily. Ensuring that your website follows the guidelines means the difference between the first and last spots.

SEO Canberra knows how to promote your local Canberra business on Google Search to attract the most online traffic. Our suite of SEO services always adheres to Google's guidelines. No matter the core update, we aim to drive viable users to your site. Then help you to convert them into paying customers.

Contact our offices in Fyshwick today to speak to a search engine expert.


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